History and Mission of the Ukrainian Museum
The Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford is the oldest cultural institution established by Ukrainians in North America. It is dedicated to the collection, documentation, preservation and exhibition of artifacts and publications dealing with Ukrainian culture and heritage. By making its resources available for study and research, it is instrumental in the dissemination and advancement of knowledge about Ukraine and the Ukrainian ethnic community in the United States.

Curator - Lubow Wolynetz
Library Director - Msgr. John M. Terlecky


The foundation for the Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford was laid by Bishop Constantine Bohachevsky in 1933 with the purchase of the Quintard estate and the immediate announcement of plans to establish a cultural institution on the premises. During this organizational and preparatory work continuous efforts were made to engage and broaden interest in this project within the Ukrainian communities in the United States and to develop awareness in the need to establish a museum and library. The Museum and Library opened its doors in 1935 and the official opening and dedication took place in September 1937. For the first four decades, museum exhibitions were held in two great rooms of the mansion. Since the 1980s, the museum exhibition space has expanded to two floors of the mansion, and the library and archives were moved to their own building, the former St. Basil Preparatory School. In February of 2000, the Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford was incorporated in the State of Connecticut as a not–for-profit cultural institution whose purpose is to educate the public as to the artistic, historical, and literary aspects of Ukrainian life and culture.


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